The Defense Part

As the mother of four girls, one of my biggest worries has been that one of them may be caught off guard. It’s a gut sickening thought; but when they’re little, we mom’s worry about getting separated from our wees. It’s so easy for a toddler to … well, to toddle off. It only takes a split second or a really awesome handbag to distract us. And, as they grow up, we worry about their safety when they’re away  — even when they’re at school. As they become teenagers, we bite our nails and continuously check our phones when they’re out with friends or on dates. Then, when they really grow up and move out or go off to college, we worry even more as they venture out to maneuver the scary wide world on their own.

So, I decided to do a little research on ways to equip my girls to protect themselves. During my search, I stumbled across a Damsel in Defense website, and I was so excited to see all of the wonderful products they had to offer for self-defense and personal safety. And, they’re darling, not ugly. BONUS! Damsel in Defense is about equipping women with the tools to not only keep them safe but also to give them the confidence to know that they have a way out if they ever feel threatened. Damsel in Defense has the products and fact-based education that can and does save lives. After researching the company and it’s products, I was hooked!

Having been in the direct selling industry for over a decade with Avon, I knew exactly what I wanted — and didn’t want — in a direct selling company. Several of my work from home friends with whom I network tried to sell me on joining their companies over the years, and I’ve always politely declined because I’m happy with Avon and our wonderful products. I didn’t need Tupperware or Mary Kay, Discovery Toys or Scentsy. Not because they aren’t worthy companies, but because Avon has comparable products at great prices. But…

It took a company like Damsel to finally win me over. I stand behind their non-lethal protection products with confidence and wholeheartedly agree with their mission to Equip, Empower, and Educate women. That is why I decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and become an independent Damsel Pro. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, please click the icon below to browse my personal site.

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