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The Fabulousness of Forty-something

I just turned two score and six years a few weeks back and lemme tell you, I’m not as upset as most Hollywood-types would have had me believe. In fact, I’m not bothered by it at all. Maybe it’s because I was already braced for it, but I think that bein’ closer to the Big Five-Oh is actually pretty freeing. Maybe it’s because turning thirty was surprisingly satisfying and making it to forty was so fabulous, that any new decade is something to look forward to.

But since I am the protagonist of my own Romantic Comedy called Life, I mostly think it’s because of the wonderful “In Praise of the Older Woman” trend brought to the forefront by the dynamic duo of Ryan Murphy and Jessica Lange. What? You got that right. Ryan Murphy adores Jessica Lange as much as I do. I know, hard to believe. And, fortunately he’s in a prime position, as the current King of the Screen, to do something about it. And, Hollywood is taking notice. Women like Ms. Lange (67), Kathy Bates (68), Angela Bassett (58), and Susan Sarandon (70) — all of whom are being celebrated and showcased in all of their incredible acumen and beauty by Mr. Murphy (who’s on the cusp of 51) — have cured any doubts about becoming a woman … of a certain age. These women are beautiful, powerful, and full of fabulous!

Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Power Couple




Feud is due out in 2017

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Mr. Murphy, Ms. Bates, and Ms. Bassett at Paleyfest 2013


Ms. Bates, Mr. Murphy, and Ms. Lange

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5 Things this Texan Discovered in New York

So, my spice took me to New York last week to see Jessica Lange performing with an ensemble cast to die for [or drool over, depending on your bent] in Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night. A magnificent four-hour free-fall  into the unpalatable bowels of addiction, depression and blame. It was wonderful! You can check out the theater and the rest of the available performances here.


Starring Gabriel Byrne, *the* Jessica Lange, Michael Shannon, and John Gallagher, Jr. Roundabout Theatre Company | New York, New York

Here are some things this native Texian learned while on her first official trip to  New York.

  • In NY, pigeons are basically the equivalent of TX squirrels. A newcomer may find them cute and fascinating, but to natives, they’re just rats with wings. And, they’re huge. I swear you could leash some of those fellas.

rats with wings

  • New Yorkers get a really bad rap. “Northern Hospitality” is actually a thing. Most of the people I encountered were super friendly. Sure, they did talk funny, but they were sayin’ nice stuff. I think.



  • Be prepared to take a cab. Everywhere. Every. Where. Otherwise, the hustle ‘n bustle of bodies will make you feel like you’re the last sperm tryin’ to reach the elusive egg.
00_TimesSquare_Photo Marley White

Times Square | Photo credit: Marley White

  • New York may be “the city that never sleeps” but be prepared to see people sleepin’ in the strangest of places.


  • New Yorkers don’t cotton to cold weather in Spring. I’ve never heard so many complaints about a delightful Springtime chill in the air. Sure, it was 90 degrees when I left Texas, so I appreciated the 50 degree sunshine, but still. What’s wrong with y’all? Real Spring is a luxury. Just sayin’.

The Bottom Line: I didn’t love New York, per se. But! I really liked the people in New York.