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Lunchtime Olympics

Ever been whacked upside your head with a metal lunchbox? Are you old enough to remember when things used to be made out of metal? Well, back in my day, manufacturers really enjoyed making everything for kidlens outta metal. We started out with metal highchairs and metal toys, eventually graduating to metal playground equipment and, the best of all, metal lunch boxes. If you’ve never slid down a metal slide in the height of summer heat in Texas, you don’t know what you’re missing. Actually, if you did have the opportunity to, you were missing about three layers of skin. Good times! But, back to the boxes…

Metal lunchboxes came in a wonderful variety of differing themes, which also served as handy indicators of their owner’s ranking in the general student population. The fashionable kids had boxes adorned with Star Wars, Evel Knievel, Charlie’s Angels, or “The Fonz.” You could also be cool with one of the bionic boxes, like Steve Austin’s Six Million Dollar Man or Jaimie Sommer’s Bionic Woman. You may not be ostracized with an Adam-12 box, but you were definitely in the lower echelon of influence. But Heaven help you if you were seen with a Curious George or Holly Hobby box. That was just social suicide.


Oh yeah, I was one of the cool kids.


What’s better than gettin’ a few hundred kids together, all hyped up on sugar  with a ratio of about 30 rambunctious kids to 1 beleaguered teacher, and sticking ’em all in a hot, sticky, stinky lunchroom? Then arming them with awesome metal lunch boxes. Oh, and metal utensils and sometimes even metal lunch trays, too.

At one of the elementary schools I attended, “Box Bashing” was a regular sport. Usually the boys started the game, but right around the time the Equal Rights Amendment was gaining traction, girls decided it would be a good idea to get in on the action, too. The only problem with the game was that you never knew you were a participant until you were slammed by someone’s decorated hardware. Of course, if you had a whelp with the outline of one of Charlie’s Angels on the side of your face, it meant you’d at least garnered the attention of one of the popular kids. So, there was that consolation.

Let the games begin!


Quoth the Quirky

Following Jackie’s lead, I finally decided to take a go at La Duchesse’s TGBOL prompt for the week* because, hey, quirkiness is something this chick can totally get behind. I like quirk. And, if you like quirk, I’m happy to share mine. I hope you will too.

1/Music: Is it possible to get any quirkier than Disco? My spice and kidlens would shout a resounding No!  As a funky fairy child of the far out 70s, I would steal my beautifully hip disco-queen mom’s strappy high heels and boogie my heart out all over the dance floor that was our living room’s shag rug. To this day, my inner Debbie Harry delights in dancing to disco tunes. And yes, I can do the Hustle. Can you dig it?

Debbie Harry photographed by Maureen Donaldson, 1979.

Debbie Harry photo’d by Maureen Donaldson, 1979.

2/Food: Is sniffing heretofore new foods a quirk? If not, it should be. Look, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have the picky and peculiar eating habits of a fussy four-year-old. So you best believe that I’m not gonna put something in my mouth if it doesn’t pass the sniff test with a thumbs up from my nose. My spice, himself an amateur foodie, oft admonishes, You don’t sniff it, Micki, you eat it. Yeah well, the nose knows.

3/Fashion: I really like fashion. I really love fun. So, fun fashion is like a great big hug from the Universe. However. I’m forty-something. I’m at that age where fun fashion is fine as long as it’s tamed. I’m all for feelin’ fabulous and kickin’ it like you just don’t care, but I have a fairly conservative inner-voice that insists I dress closer to my age. At my age, dressing too fun (funly?) just ends up looking desperate. So for now, it’s simply quirky. Of course, I’m counting down the years until I’m just old enough to be considered beautifully eccentric a la’ Iris. Then I’ll really let my freak flag fly!


image lifted from elliesfavouritethings.com

4/Speaking with my Hands: Say what? No, I don’t mean using sign language — although I did take an ASL course at our local community college in order to communicate with my wees when they were pre-verbal, but that’s another post. I mean that my hands flap like bathing birds and fly around to illustrate when I speak. I’ve always been this way. My Nonny used to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to speak without my hands. True story: she’d make me sit on my hands to keep me quiet in church. And, thank Heaven for phones that give the time. I cannot bear to admit how many watch faces I unwittingly smashed while conversing over the years.

5/Thinking with my Hands: I’m what you used to call a visual learner and thinker. Not only do I smell in color and love to read words as well as pretty pictures, but just about any time that I’m trying to listen intently to a person, I like to scribble and take notes**. I have pens and notepads everywhere; all around my desk, in my purses, in my car… Without my notes and scribbles, I tend to have to ask you to repeat yourself so that I can clarify what you’ve said. It’s not because I wasn’t listening to what you said [although, your fabulous necklace may have momentarily taken me off track] it’s that I’m not someone who is a quick auditory study. I’m the person who’ll tell you to “take a right on the second street after the QuickieMart” instead of “head west on Elm.”


**Some educators have added read/write to the mix of learning styles. Since I haven’t taught in a brick-and-mortar school for a thousand years, I’m still old school. (pun intended)

Farewell to the Charismatic Chameleon

David Bowie was the consummate performer. Whether on stage, screen, or in the pages of Vogue, his chameleon-like ability to transform and reinvent himself made this private man a legend that was larger than life. Forever a champion of the underdog, Bowie implored listeners to “turn and face the strange.”  His androgynous charm attracted admirers of all creeds, sexes and styles; his vast and undeniable talent won over the mainstream; and, freaks across the world identified with his outrageous vulnerability.


David Bowie first made his way into my heart and onto my bedroom walls in the 80s after I witnessed his performance as the beautifully tragic David Blaylock in The Hunger. It came as a great surprise to me then that he’d been a popular musician and even my own mom was familiar with this beautiful hunk of man. Wait, what? David Bowie was already a star? A rock star? Huh. I remember being very happy to know that I wasn’t the only one who saw the genius in him.

I then witnessed his portrayal as Major Jack Celliers in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, which to this day is by far my favorite performance, and I was suddenly a forever fan. I don’t remember much about my first viewing of the film The Man Who Fell to Earth. All I remember is that I was pretty bored until … David Bowie’s nekkid! Thanks to some teen posterzine, I learned that David Bowie actually starred on Broadway. Again, I was pleased to know that people understood he was a seriously talented actor. He then immortalized Jareth the Goblin King in Labyrinth. As far as I was concerned, David Bowie would always be an actor who sang on the side. 

bowie tribute acting

David Bowie. Actor.

Call me crazy, but I’m only a lukewarm fan of his music. I have only a handful of songs that I know by heart and I only saw him perform once in concert during the Glass Spider tour. All I can say is that the man really knew how to put on a show. I was almost as fascinated by his audience as I was by him. I was with a group of screaming teens but we were surrounded by frightening and fabulous queens, aging hippies smoking pot, and a lot of very attractive and fashionable people. The dichotomy was staggering, but we were all just David Bowie fans hanging out enjoying the time of our lives.

If my children (who have grown up with a cinephilic mother watching Labyrinth, Zoolander, and The Prestige) and tumblr are any indication, David Bowie has an entire new generation of adoring followers. The Goblin King lives on.

David Bowie’s imdb.com page.

Even Cool Girls Wear Pearls

Your style doesn’t have to be a feminist manifesto, but wouldn’t that be fun? This season’s hottest accessory is the pearl. But what if your style doesn’t usually call for something so quite so … dainty? You don’t have to be June Cleaver or Betty Draper to caress your neck with one of the world’s most feminine accessories.

Pearls of the Past

Prim , Proper, and Pretty

Today’s woman wears what she wants. And if that means amping up your denim for a daring dinner date or adding a little luxury to your badass leather look … go for it!

Soften the edge without apology.

Soften the edge without apology.

You’re already HOT. So, why not wear this season’s hottest accessory? Wear ’em your way and create a fashion manifesto that’s all your own.


StyleSwap™ Luminous Pearlesque Necklace Set

Pearlesque Perfection

StyleSwap™ Luminous Pearlesque Necklace Set

Interchangeable Necklace set with 3 great looks:

  • Double strand necklace with faux clear stones and faux pearls stationed along a silvertone chain
  • Triple strand of faux pearls on silvertone chain

Or combine both necklaces for rows of pearlesque perfection. Strands are attached by S hooks to the main chain which allows for easy removal.

  • Necklace: 16 1/2” L with Lobster Claw clasp
  • Extender: 3 1/2” L

Check out StyleSwap™ Luminous Pearlesque Necklace Set via mickitheavonmom.com

See details

Luminous Pearlesque 3 Piece Gift Set

Luminous Pearlesque 3 Piece Gift Set

Silvertone 3 piece gift set that includes faux pearl necklace, faux pearl stretch-style bracelet and faux pearl stud earrings.

  • Necklace: 16 1/2″ L with Lobster Claw clasp
  • Bracelet: 7” L (stretch bracelet)
  • Earrings: Pierced, with Post and Earnut clutch

Check out Luminous Pearlesque 3 Piece Gift Set via mickitheavonmom.com

see details

Luminous Pearlesque Double Wrap Watch

Silvertone faux pearl double wrap watch with oval face.

  • Band: 16 1/2” L unwrapped, with foldover clasp
  • Face without casing: Approx. 9/32” x 25/32”
  • Battery: Replaceable SR626SW
  • Movement: Quartz-PC21J

Check out Luminous Pearlesque Double Wrap Watch via mickitheavonmom.com

Fall Trend: Pampered in Pearls

The look of pearls gets a subtle makeover – perfect for adding a feminine touch to any outfit.

This fall, the Nouveau Victorian fantasy fashions will be showcased on women of style across the beauty board. Higher necklines, velvet accents, and full-on lace will be leading the fashion movement. Leave it to the world’s fashion moguls to re-imagine, not decades past, but centuries past, with many a fresh new bent … bringing the femininity of yesteryear into the current vogue of this year’s hyper-femme trends. Make no mistake, the look may say Yes, I’m pampered and I like it that way, but the wearer is the one pampering herself with luxe looks of fearless femininity.

Marc Jacobs; Ferragamo; Oscar de la Renta; Stella McCartney

And, which accessory is more unapologetically feminine than pearls?

High-fashion jewelry designers complement this Fall’s hyper-femme designs with lots of pearls for trendy girls. Whether they be understated, overstated, authentic, or faux, pearls will be caressing the breasts, necks, and lobes of fashion forward women everywhere. Always on trend, Avon caters to the luxe look of Neo-Victorian beauty with a posh assortment of stylish accessories featuring the look of polished pearls. My personal faves are featured below.


Get the Look

Affordable Elegance from AVON

Introducing the Pearlesque Spectacular line from Avon.

Feminine. Affordable. Elegant.


Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace

Avon’s Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace $19.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace. Goldtone pearlesque cluster necklace featuring a center cream-colored pearl surrounded by beautiful black diamond and pink colored faux stones to add depth and dimension.


Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet.

Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet $19.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet. Goldtone curb chain bracelet with a cluster of faux faceted stones in light rose and black faceted stones with a perfect faux pearl at the center.


Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings

Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings $15.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings. Goldtone drop earrings with faux faceted stones in black diamond and rose colors with a round faux pearl. The earrings have a round rose-colored stone at the top, a round faux pearl is attached. There are two black diamond colored teardrop stones attached to the pearl and a rose-colored teardrop stone at the bottom of the earrings which adds length and dimension.

I welcome your comments and questions about the jewelry featured herein. Please contact me at micki[dot]avonmom[at]gmail[dot]com or visit my official AVON eStore at mickitheavonmom.com for more information.

HOT Goodies for a COOL Vibe

mark. introduces it’s colorful new Buenos Aires collection, featuring Brand Ambassador Lucy Hale. Everything you need to carry your cool vibe through the summer is available at mickitheavonmom.com. Take a look.

Lucy Hale looks stunning in mark.’s new Instant Vacation Buenos Aires collection Take It Or Leaf It Tee! Are you going to try this trend, mark. girls?


Click the picture to see the entire collection.

Get the Buenos Aires vibe with our Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers with two new, limited-edition shades: futbol blue, a kicked-up color inspired by Buenos Aires’ hometown team, and Palermo purple, a shade as cool as the barrio itself.

 Nailed It

Sick of smudging? Tired of tugging? Had it with running? Your botched-liner days are over, thanks to this easy-to-apply, long-wearing formula in Saved by the Gel. It glides over lids for a precise line no pulling, tugging—or smudging! Our beloved long-wearing gel liner is off on an instant vacation with two limited-edition, Buenos Aires-inspired shades!

Saved by the Gel

Show off your Caliente Glow. Look like you just returned from a sun-filled Buenos Aires vacation with this palette, featuring three hot shades for blushing (coral), highlighting (lavender) and bronzing that glide on for a flawless finish.

Zigzag a brush over the compact to mix all three shades together!

Zigzag a brush over the compact to mix all three shades together!

Caliente Eyes Eye Shadow brings your cool vibe to a hot new level. The five shades – four shimmery, one matte – of this palette can be mixed and matched for one hot look after another. Apply shades dry or apply wet for extra intensity.

Caliente Eyes Eye Shadows

Finally, you can spray your bod with the tropical fragrance of our Limited Edition Buenos Aires Vibe. Feel the streets of Buenos Aires, bustling with its tango-fueled electricity! Intensely tropical wild passionfruit, romantic mauve violet and warm sensual musk combine for a fruity-floral escape you’ll want to visit over and over again.

Buenos Aires Vibe

Now all you need is our Going Places Train Case to toss all of your hot goodies into and you’re ready to hit the road (or the friendly skies) with this two-compartment traveling companion featuring a fun pop lining.

Top Compartment - a long pocket holds brushes Bottom Compartment - a top zippered pocket keeps small items secure Back Pockets - stash lipstick, gloss and more!

Top Compartment – a long pocket holds brushes
Bottom Compartment – a top zippered pocket keeps small items secure
Back Pockets – stash lipstick, gloss and more!

Bon voyage!

The entire collection is available for a limited time only here.

Having a Bad Bod Day?

Let’s face it, we all have bad bod days. By way of comparison, bad hair days are a breeze when compared to bad bod days. For bad hair days, God created ponytails and braids. For exceptionally frustrating bad hair days, some genius invented baseball caps. But, for bad bod days … well, sometimes the remedies have to be a bit bolder.

Bad Hair Days are a Breeze with Baseball Caps

Bad Hair Days are a Breeze with Baseball Caps

Of course, the bad bod days always seem to happen on the one day we happily wake from our slumber with excited anticipation of showing off a new fashion find. A day when even Marc Jacobs can’t cure what ails you. Mondays are usually the days that something about my bod enjoys hitting me with a little shock and awe … or some such humiliation.

Bad bod days are those days when it seems that absolutely nothing we do is going to make us feel good about our appearance. Whether it be stubborn eyebrows that refuse to look like anything other than fuzzy caterpillars — or anorexic caterpillars after you’ve desperately plucked most of the little suckers out — or the horrifying blemish that you woke up with that could double as a disturbing third eye.

Pluck with Caution.

Pluck with Caution.

So what’s to be done with our bad bod days? My first piece of advice is to tell your inner critic to shut the hell up. Stop listening to her. Yes, this is usually easier said than done, but keep this in mind: your IC will always and forever be the Debbie Downer of your confidence party. So for now, kick her sorry butt to the curb. Don’t worry … that bitch’ll be back. Just remind yourself that you don’t have to deal with her today. I call this the Scarlet O’Hara Approach and it works wonders for me and my daughters.

Next, focus on the fabulous. C’mon, friends. We all have at least one part of ourselves that we feel good about. It can be a physical trait. Did you just get a perfect pedi? Throw on your favorite sandals and twinkle your toes for the world to see. Can’t tame that unruly cowlick? I’ve got great news for you! The Bridget Bardot, just-rolled-out-of-bed look is always in style.  Or, it can be an inner quality that you find attractive about yourself. Are you a nurturing friend? Do you like to volunteer? Get out there and DO something you’re awesome at and revel in the fact that your body does not define you. It’s your Earth Suit … and it’s malleable.

Easy Peasy Updo at Your Service

Easy Peasy Updo at Your Service


Thirdly, step … away … from … the … mirror. You know that you are really so much more than the pimple on your chin, so stop looking at it, for goodness’ sake! Take some time to reflect on your inner fabulous self — assuming you aren’t a horrible person, of course.

And, last but not least, I recommend some Radical Self Acceptance. If your IC is still trying to throw nasty comments your way, counter her with caring self-thoughts. Speak to yourself as you would your bestie. You aren’t looking for her flaws because you love her no matter what. Turn that love and acceptance inward. Granted, my BFF actually would be liable to say, “Damn Girl! What’s up with that zit on your face?!” But she would immediately counter her outburst with a “Screw it, it’ll be gone by tomorrow” or at the very least a “Don’t sweat it, Girlfriend. Lunch is on me!”

Grab Your Bestie for Brunch

Grab Your Bestie for Brunch


**If you are having serious challenges to developing and maintaining a positive body image, please start here.

Captivating Cutouts

So, if you want to position yourself squarely on the side of Spring 15 accessory fashion trends, you’re obvs going to christen your closet with creative cutouts. The beauty of cutout apparel is that it allows its wearer to be strategically sexy and sweet. Those cute little cuts can accentuate the parts you want to play peek-a-boo with, without being overtly tacky. When it comes to your accessories, the cutout lends an air of trendiness and chic style to your look. Cutout detailing keeps you a cut above!


mark. A Cut Above Mini Bag Covered in cutouts, this adorable crossbody also beats out other bag options because of its ideal size.


mark. Just Perf-Ect Booties. Perforation is in! All-season booties are in! Two trends combined for some seriously irrestible footwear. Perforated in a springy pinwheel pattern, these nude-colored booties, with their airy design, are ideal for transitional weather right into the sweltering days of summer.


Laser-Cut Sneaker. Get on the cutting edge of fashion in these lightweight and comfortable slip-on sneakers. Perforated leatherlike upper with canvas lining.


A Cut Above Mini Top. Cropped just enough to hit at the waist, our lacy, boxy top’s a standout with a scalloped hem and capped sleeves that lend a romantic feel.

Channel Your Inner Coco


One of the reasons that I adore the French fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, besides the fact that she brought comfort and practicality to women’s fashion, is because she refused to play by any rules she didn’t heartily agree with — of any game. She was fiercly shrewd, bold, strikingly attractive, and full of zest. She fought for what she believed in and took what was hers.


She was the consumate feminine feminist and trailblazer — always far ahead of her time. In fact, if she didn’t want to be confined by a man’s ideal of beauty (read: corsets), she created her own fashion and got rid of the damn things. Her style was so influencial, her name is now synonymous with fashion. She is the only fashion designer listed on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most infulential people of the 20th century.


Coco believed that women should be comfortable in their own skin as well in their clothes, that they could age with grace, and be powerful without apology.

Retro is so Nowtro

Are you ready to raid your mom’s closet for all of the fabulous fashions of yesteryear? According to fashion industry leaders fresh from the runways of Fashion Week around the globe, the 70s are the new 90s. Even suede and flare jeans are making a comeback. Wha’? Don’t panic, Ladies. Of course, with today’s fabulous designers adding their own modern twist, you can look forward to fashion saying 70s! with more a little more subtlety and a lot more style.

After combing through hundreds of swanky new trends, I’ve paired down the best of the best to the find the most truly wearable fashions of the day. So, kick off your brand new pair of roller skates, grab a Tab, and relax. Here goes.

The subtler side of 70s chic as offered by Etro. Easy breezy meets the tailored and accessorized denim jacket. Oh yes, don your denim, click on the lava lamps and disco all night long. You know, do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight. KC and the Sunshine band are calling!

Etro retro
Etro retro fab.

Bulky boyfriend jackets are out, retro-form-fitted blazers are on! Lots of designer houses pumped out the pantsuits, but Ms. Beckham managed to make her ultra-fit suit retain a feminine flair. The new power suit gets its punch from sleek lines and your Pop Rocks effervescent attitude.

Victoria Beckham
Bold & Beautiful in Victoria Beckham

So, are you noticing a neckline trend here? That’s right, Folks. If you’re tired of well-intentioned lil’ old ladies tossing modesty buttons at you and your girls, you’re in for a treat: high necklines are on the leading edge of now. But don’t worry about keeping the cleavage corralled because flirty shoulder cut-outs and saucy little side slits are the new plunging necklines.

Dainty as a Daisy in Dior
Dainty as a Daisy in Dior

Of course, Black & White, which is never out of fashion, will be seen crossing categories this Spring in bold prints, stripes, and gingham. Gingham? Who wants to look like Laura Ingalls, for Pete’s sake? (That would be of Little House on the Prairie fame, for those who are too young to be hip to iconic seventies series.) Does this foxy chick look like she’ll be tossin’ grain the hens any time soon?

Bitchen B & W in Oscar de la Renta
Refined B & W in Oscar de la Renta

Nothing says I Groove the 70s quite like funky-town fringe… except maybe a disco ball, and who really wants to look like a hot-bedazzled-mess these days?  No, fringe was the hottest movement on the scene from Manhattan to Milan, Darling. Anything and everything from blouses, belts, and bags to skirts, shirts, and shoes, sported this flirty new trend. Thank God! Because every woman can sashay in style this coming season.

Swinging with Christian Siriano
Swinging with Christian Siriano