When the Spooky Isn’t

Eric’s post about paranormal encounters over’t MakeItUltra™ has inspired me to share my own thoughts about “strange happenings.” When I was very young I would sometimes see and hear things that the grown-ups around me didn’t seem to catch, and when I questioned them, I was routinely patted on the head and told that I had an [overly] active imagination.  Those dismissive attitudes encouraged me to seek answers on my own. Thus began my interest in the paranormal and the strange and inexplicable in general.

I was taught by sincere Pentecostal types that anything “otherworldly” was to absolutely be feared and avoided as being “of the Devil” but was confused when my own experiences didn’t fit that bill. What about the times when something inexplicable showed up that didn’t make my skin crawl at all? When “a presence” was comforting or empowering?

In the fourth grade I finally, sheepishly admitted to a beloved teacher that I’d seen “a white spirit” when I was alone at home. The look of horror on her face and her stern warning to ignore it and let it pass (make it go away, I think were her exact words) convinced me that even trusted adults thought me a liar … or worse yet, crazy.

In college, I stumbled across a book by Billy Graham entitled Angels: God’s Secret Agents and it opened a whole new world of wonderful, biblical, possible explanations for the experiences I’d had. Surely good God-fearin’ folk wouldn’t argue with Billy Graham! I knew and trusted that I had at least one guardian in the cosmos.

When my spice and I began our conversion to the Catholic Church, I began studying her take on the angels and saints, and more importantly to me, their intercession and guidance in our daily lives … and my mind was blown.

Angel of the Waters (Bethesda Fountain) in Central Park by Israel Guevara C.

Angel of the Waters in Central Park by Israel Guevara C.


 Have you had strange encounters? Please share iffin’ you’re of a mind to.

10 thoughts on “When the Spooky Isn’t

  1. Hi Micki, the paranormal is part of my life and it has not always been pleasurable. The White being you saw is a ghost something not good. Angels you feel and sense them, rarely do they show themselves they have no need. Fallen Angels will show themselves in forms you wish to see.

    Angels will send beautiful rays of energy, splashes of colour but to see them no it is not part of who they are. Angels have defined roles within which they can work. Many people think they are here to pander to their every whim, definitely not. A Fallen Angel will until they have got you hooked.

    Take care with what you do this environment is dangerous as you were brought up to believe. and much care and protection is required to work in it. If you are serious in wishing to learn how to work in this type of environment then contact me.

    Blessing be upon always.

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    • Well, I’m certainly pleased that you stumbled across this post and that you took the time to share your wisdom with me. I’ll send private word to your email. Thank you and blessings to you and yours!

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  2. Oh my! This fascinates me so much! I get intrigued by dreams generally.. Seeing some strange people so clearly, and forgetting everything after waking up.. it feels spooky!

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  3. Hi, Micki! I do believe angels are all around us. I’ve had many such experiences, as has my whole family, over the years. I’m fascinated with all things paranormal, and have written about some on my blog, under ‘ghosts and all things weird’. I’d love to hear more of your encounters!

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