When Someone Calls You *Beautiful*

What’s your immediate response when someone tells you that you’re beautiful? Do you scoff and shake your head? Do you assume that they’re just paying lip service or trying to butter you up?

Are they stupid or simply mistaken? Are they a liar?

We are compelled to love our neighbors. Encouraged to see the beauty in all things. You are a unique, living creation. So, when I tell you that you are beautiful…

Believe me.


17 thoughts on “When Someone Calls You *Beautiful*

  1. Ever since I could remember people, strangers, family members, friends, whoever always called me beautiful. I heard it so often I use to think people were lying or just saying it because it sounded and seemed nice to say. I still think that way sometimes, although I now know beauty is internal so they’ve all been seeing my inner glow all this time… 🙂

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  2. “Tota pulchra es, amica mea, et non est macula in te.” Whether in Latin or in English, it’s one of my favourite Scriptural quotations.

    I was once memorably flustered when a friend, female, saw a 1988 photograph of me on Facebook and said something very complimentary. I didn’t quite know how to respond! I think I said, “Oh, dear! I begin to blush! But thank you!”

    Micki, you bring such light to the virtual world, and must bring even greater light to those who are privileged to know you in “real time.” Thank you for this post, and thank you for you!

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    • You make a good point, Jonathan. Of course, I’m not tryin’ to pick a gal up when I tell her that she’s beautiful, but I imagine that it can be tricky when it’s someone of the opposite sex. And, of course, it would be foolish to judge any person’s character based on outward appearances. (Jn. 7.24)


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