File this under “Good to Know”

One of the ugliest phrases in the English language is “Rumor has it…” Rumors can kill friendships, careers, and reputations. In fact, rumors can kill the human spirit; unfortunately, we females usually tend to be on the fuzzy end of this particular lollipop. If ever you have the opportunity to be the person who stops a rumor in its tracks, just turn it off and shut it down. We gals have to stick together.



7 thoughts on “File this under “Good to Know”

  1. Good one Micki 🙂 Loved the fuzzy end analogy of lollypop 😀 And yes girl power it is ❤ This just reminded me of the song Rumors by Lindsay 😀 "I am tired of rumors starting, I am sick of being followed. I am tired of people lying, saying what they want about me" It used to be a fav in my tracklist back then 🙂

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