10 Reasons I Love My Sex

As you know, it’s International Women’s Month and I’ve been ponderin’ on the subject of my fellow females quite a bit lately. It’s occurred to me that women can be seriously awesome. Here are just a few reasons why. Feel free to add your own reasons.

  1. Women have wombs. They can grow other humans in their own bodies. And then…
  2. Women are able to keep other humans alive with their own breasts.
  3. Women aren’t afraid to admit other women are beautiful.
  4. Women are nurturing.
  5. Women are loving.
  6. Women aren’t afraid to let you experience your own emotions.
  7. Women are good listeners. Bonus: they won’t try to fix your problems unless you ask.
  8. Women aren’t afraid to lift up others.
  9. Women can be fiercely loyal friends.
  10. Women have “feminine intuition.”

Photo source: pelvicninjas


12 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love My Sex

  1. Love this! Yes, I’m so very thankful to be a woman! And the best part about it is being a mom, having carried that sweet soul inside me for nearly 10 months and nursed her for 8 months. What blessings!!

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    • Don’t get me wrong, Mitch. I love my spice and my sons, too. I just think that we women need to cherish our womanhood. I’m happy to see a man comfortable in his own skin, but who can appreciate the fairer, fabulous sex as well. Best wishes!


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