Life Goes Strong

Less than twenty-four hours ago, my father-in-law died. Two of my sister’s grandchildren burned to death in a house fire this morning. Of course, our families are devastated and the weight of so much sadness had me sitting at my desk with my head in my hands wondering just how much emotional pain and turmoil people can endure before they give up all hope. It was giving me a migraine. My six year old came over and said, “I know that you’re having a rough time, Momma. We’re all very sad. It’s hard being a grown up. Sometimes it’s hard being a kid, too. But you know what? Life goes strong.”

“Do you mean ‘Life goes on, Baby’?” I asked.

“That too.”


12 thoughts on “Life Goes Strong

  1. Your 6 year old had some amazing words of wisdom. Wonderful how we receive small doses of hope when it is most needed and from where it is least expected:) May you and yours find peace and strength in each other.

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  2. Oh my Lord! That is a big blow! Wow! I can’t even imagine how much hurting you guys must be feeling right now. I am so sorry about this loss. My condolences. May the grace and strength be with you and your family through this. Blessings.

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  3. My heart hurts for you and I’m incredibly sorry for such great loss! May the peace of God comfort you even more than your 6 year old baby tried to. What a precious angel. If nothing more that baby is the beauty amongst so many ashes. Stay encouraged my friend.

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  4. Micki, I’m so sorry, Sweetheart, for all the things that are going on with your family right now. I pray that God will bless you and your family and help you through this sadness.

    All my love,


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