Arthur Miller’s Fall from Grace

Oh my, randall smoot’s just opened a great big ol’ can of worms concerning the separation of artists and their work. This is a subject that causes much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Allen home. It’s a constant debate, although I usually just heave a heavy sigh and lament the fact that my lust for the arts always wins over my scruples.

I applaud randall’s ability to sum up the quandary so succinctly in this article, especially with the following passage,

“I don’t require artists to be good people in order to admire their works – any more than I need inventors to be nice before I’ll utilize their inventions. If I found out tomorrow that Thomas Alva Edison was the biggest asshole who ever lived, I wouldn’t go back to reading by candlelight…”

Take a gander at the original post in its entirety at Arthur Miller’s Fall from Grace.

Source: Arthur Miller’s Fall from Grace

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