Feast on This Friday

We humans, especially we female humans, tend to look for happiness, influence, and inspiration from outside sources. Why is it that we feel we need to be on the sidelines cheering everyone else on and supporting others to achieve their dreams and goals? Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a supportive friend and ardent ally to others, how long has it been since you’ve been that attentive to and wild about yourself?

Here’s a thought to feast on, Friends…blow your mind

5 thoughts on “Feast on This Friday

  1. I think part of this is just our natural make up of being nurtures. We just do these things because it comes natural. Many of us however are challenged in finding the balance in this area especially when it comes to our children, spouses and others. We loose ourselves in others then feel slighted when we don’t get the same in return. We need to set boundaries and know that saying guess what; it’s about me this time, and be ok with that is necessary to maintain our individuality. We all need that! Chanel

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