Truth Stranger than Fiction: Making a Murderer is a Must-See for all Humans

Always fascinated by true-crime documentaries, I was not surprised to see Making a Murderer pop up on my Netflix list of suggested films even though I’d never heard anything about it. What I was surprised by was how truly engaging and provocative the feature is. It suggests that a lot of the true crimes being committed in our justice system are being perpetrated by the wrong side of the law … the ones who’re supposed to be upholding the law and enforcing justice are the real culprits.


At first, I thought it was going to be your standard two-hour documentary. After only one hour of watching, I was a bundle of nerves — so invested in the plight of the subject, Steven Avery, and so upset by where the filmmakers were obviously going with his story, that I had to Google the show to make sure that it was real.

By no means was I going to subject myself to seriously upset stomach over a “mockumentary” or a cleverly crafted piece of fiction.

If it was theater, I could sigh in relief and then continue the show, which I’d  by then realized consisted of 10 full episodes, at my leisure. Of course, I wondered how on earth the film-makers were going to drag this tragedy out for s0oo long. As a long-time armchair detective, I’m used to Bill Curtis neatly wrapping things up in an hour. Then it dawned on me that there was no audible narration, how the hell could it be so captivating? Because filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi are the masters of this uncharted territory. Because it was a real life hanging in the balance. I put on my robe, settled in for the long haul, and finished the series the same day.

I’ve since done further research into the subject, reading for hours differing accounts and criticisms and accolades. I won’t post any spoilers here, but I do want to implore you to watch it.

If this sort of shady crazy in the justice system can happen to Avery/Dassey, it can happen to anyone

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3 thoughts on “Truth Stranger than Fiction: Making a Murderer is a Must-See for all Humans

  1. Dear Ms.Ricciardi & Mr. Moira: I certainly believe that both gentlemen are Innocent as I have followed stories and been intrigued with your well done documentary, “Making A Murderer” on the Netflix Channel. My family and I have watched it with intence anger with our justice system that I know that all states are capable of such travesty. I only hope that a new trial with impartial Individuals can be found that will finnally set them free as many believe that they are. However there still exist many with hurtful and evil words and comments that they have written about the two men, without even weighing on its’ truth. Someday all the facts will be revield that the nonbelievers will be ashamed but hardly remorseful.Thank you for your involvement in bringing this story to light- that must be told- for the world to see.


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