Fashion: Turtlenecks

I love the look of turtlenecks, but I cannot wear them! Ugh. They make me feel so claustrophobic I can hardly stand it. Now, I CAN wear cowl necks, but only when it’s cold, cold, cold outside.

Sweet Nothings ♥

            Turtle Necks are something that I could have never wore when I was in middle school, I thought that it was so uncool back then. Now that I’m older and love tuning into celebrity fashion I’m so into them, wearing it the right way def can change a person’s perspective on these old fashion styles that go a couple of years back. I love seeing how celebrities can totally style it so fashionably, from Kim K to Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston they rock it out so well. I see fashion differently now, turtle necks are something that I def don’t mind wearing now, I especially love pairing them with loose curls, simple makeup and a nice jacket.


I mostly like the thin turtle necks not the chunky wool looking ones. Those are just too big around the neck, I like them snuggled around my…

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