Fall Trend: Pampered in Pearls

The look of pearls gets a subtle makeover – perfect for adding a feminine touch to any outfit.

This fall, the Nouveau Victorian fantasy fashions will be showcased on women of style across the beauty board. Higher necklines, velvet accents, and full-on lace will be leading the fashion movement. Leave it to the world’s fashion moguls to re-imagine, not decades past, but centuries past, with many a fresh new bent … bringing the femininity of yesteryear into the current vogue of this year’s hyper-femme trends. Make no mistake, the look may say Yes, I’m pampered and I like it that way, but the wearer is the one pampering herself with luxe looks of fearless femininity.

Marc Jacobs; Ferragamo; Oscar de la Renta; Stella McCartney

And, which accessory is more unapologetically feminine than pearls?

High-fashion jewelry designers complement this Fall’s hyper-femme designs with lots of pearls for trendy girls. Whether they be understated, overstated, authentic, or faux, pearls will be caressing the breasts, necks, and lobes of fashion forward women everywhere. Always on trend, Avon caters to the luxe look of Neo-Victorian beauty with a posh assortment of stylish accessories featuring the look of polished pearls. My personal faves are featured below.


Get the Look

Affordable Elegance from AVON

Introducing the Pearlesque Spectacular line from Avon.

Feminine. Affordable. Elegant.


Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace

Avon’s Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace $19.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Long Cluster Necklace. Goldtone pearlesque cluster necklace featuring a center cream-colored pearl surrounded by beautiful black diamond and pink colored faux stones to add depth and dimension.


Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet.

Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet $19.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Bracelet. Goldtone curb chain bracelet with a cluster of faux faceted stones in light rose and black faceted stones with a perfect faux pearl at the center.


Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings

Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings $15.99 at mickitheavonmom.com

Pearlesque Spectacular Drop Earrings. Goldtone drop earrings with faux faceted stones in black diamond and rose colors with a round faux pearl. The earrings have a round rose-colored stone at the top, a round faux pearl is attached. There are two black diamond colored teardrop stones attached to the pearl and a rose-colored teardrop stone at the bottom of the earrings which adds length and dimension.

I welcome your comments and questions about the jewelry featured herein. Please contact me at micki[dot]avonmom[at]gmail[dot]com or visit my official AVON eStore at mickitheavonmom.com for more information.

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