Where have all the shiny, happy people gone?

Ever since dramatic matte lips hit the runways with a vengeance last year, the matte trend has spread from foundations to eyes, blushes, and even nails. The concept of powdering your nose to erase unwanted shine has been taken to a whole new level here, Girlfriends.


It seems our recent love of glitter, sparkle, and shine is experiencing a severe backlash with the quickly growing matte trend in the beauty and fashion world. While the die-hard enthusiasts of shiny glimmery glam lament the tragic loss of lustre, the trendsetters in beauty blogs and fashion mags are heralding the apparent death of disco shades for a more muted and flat palette. Even Ke$ha, who once exclaimed, “Glitter is my makeup of choice” is opting for a more subdued look these days.


(Photo: Eugene Gologursky/WireImage)

It all started with the no-makeup-makeup look. And if you’re planning to appear au naturale, then your look should avoid frost and shimmer, if not like the plague, then at least like the midnight snack. Acceptable in prudent moderation, but not the best idea as part of your daily diet routine.

Au NaturaleYes, I totally wake up looking like this. It’s au naturale.

But the trend didn’t end there because too many of us insist on a more lively color palette. Luckily, current sciency innovations have made it possible to have vibrant mattes without the dry, chalky effect given by past matte makeup that turned you into a hot mess before lunchtime. Case in point: mark.’s new limited edition Matte Attack line.


Return of the Matte

On the Dot Eye Color Compact Matte. Matte Attack! Our best-selling palette goes to the matte with nine all-new, velvety, blendable shadows now mirror fall fashion’s hottest colors! “We’ve seen glowy, shimmery shadows and really glossy lips and now it’s matte’s turn. There is one thing to remember when applying a matte shadow: blending! Use a small, fluffy brush and blend, blend, blend – the finished look is worth it.”  – Kelsey Deenihan, mark. Celebrity makeup Artist

On the Dot Matte

mark. Lipclick Matte Full Color Lipstick. This all-new super-rich matte lipclick delivers intense, vibrant color with state-of-the-art pigment technology, plus it glides on smoothly without drying the lips. Another draw: Its amazingly innovative magnetic case “clicks” closed every time. “Matte lipsticks can be drying, so color separates on the lips over time. This lipclick is a fabulous, rich formula that gives a matte finish while keeping lips hydrated.” – Kelsey Deenihan mattelip

mark. Nailed It Matte Trend Mini Nail Lacquers. Take your nail looks to the matte with these limited-edition, shine-free shades, including matte teal appeal and matte violet riot.


If you’re still in love with shimmer and shine, that’s fine! Trust me, you never want to lose yourself to a fashion trend, my friends. Experiment with the different finishes and keep the ones you enjoy. I’ve added mattes to my makeup bag this summer, but sparkle is still my favorite color. The bottom line is always:

Be your most beautiful you! ♥

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