A Babe and Her Brush, A Love Story

You may be a pro at picking the Mr. Right of makeup brushes to use on your fabulous face, but don’t forget give those handy little magic wands the attention they deserve at least once a week. After all, where would we be without them?

AVON makeup brushes

The Sciencey Why: Because icky old makeup, dirt, and beastly foul bacteria may be stickin’ to your guns, Girlfriend. And don’t your face’s besties deserve clean livin’?

There are specialty cleaners out there, but you needn’t pay those hookers when you can use what you probably already have at home. No offense, Sephora, but I refuse to lay down my hard-earned coins on a bottle of fancy but futile designer cleansers for my cool tools. I prefer a cheap date that ends with the same spectacular results, thank you very much.

I have a weekly Saturday morning date with my babies in the shower. That’s right, I said it. My brushes are low maintenance. A quick hand job with just a dab of baby shampoo (Oh, Baby!) and warm water … and voilá! Each Mr. Gadget is good to go, satisfied for another week of supporting my makeup habit.

And, don’t forget to lay them flat on a towel to dry. No afterglow cuddles required. Just be sure to reshape them before drying to prevent the bristly bits from splaying. That would just be inconsiderate and rude.

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