Sunny With a Chance of Style

Top fashion trends this summer point to happy pops of canary yellow and bright blue. These vivid colors will lend radiance and a fresh new look to your fashion during the transition from spring to summer.

Yellow brightens the dullest of days and actually has proven to be the most cheerful hue on the color pallet.  According to Color Matters, in almost every culture yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth.


Bright blue complements almost any color in anyone’s wardrobe. Most blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. Cool fact: blue is humanity’s favorite color worldwide.

Update your look for a radiant summer with Avon’s new Sunset Demi-Wedges and the must-have Drawstring Hobo Bag. Yellow and blue are the perfect pops of color for any summer style.

Available at

Drawstring Hobo Bag

The must-have fully-lined bucket bag style in summer’s hottest hues. Can be worn over-the-shoulder or crossbody. Features a pebble leatherlike finish, drawstring with ball hardware, grommets at the top and a snap closure.

Sunset Demi-Wedge

Strappy and colorful, these rhinestone-studded faux-suede sandals update your look for the season. Features an ankle strap with back zipper for easy on/off and one strap going down the vamp.

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