Tricks of the Trade: 7 beauty myths–busted!

If you think you’ve got your beauty rules all figured out, don’t be too sure. Have you ever gotten a pimple and blamed it on that chocolate bar you had the other day? Or resisted the urge to pluck a single strand of white hair because you believe seven more of its friends will surely appear? What about that myth that sleeping with your hair wet would lead to a headache? Or—wait, that seems to be true sometimes, right?

As new discoveries are being made everyday about skin and hair care, it is only right to dispel old beliefs and get updated. And, lately, more and more beauty verities are quickly becoming myths. These could be things you’ve known your whole life, like advice given by your grandmother or a beauty tip a friend taught you back in high school. Some myths are even passed on for generations, and seem to…

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