Fill Mom’s Easter Basket with a little R & R

Moms are usually so busy working, taking care of kids, keeping the house a home, and tending to the family’s needs that it’s a rare occasion when Mom has time to treat herself … or even has the energy to treat herself.  Sometimes moms are  the most difficult people to choose gifts for because we want to be thoughtful and give them something that they actually need; but we also want to be generous, and give them something amazing that they will really love. As if the two goals are at odds. They don’t have to be. Every woman I know enjoys being pampered.

Who doesn't love being pampered?

Special spa days are always a really fabulous idea, but they can also be really expensive. If you want to give her a little luxury, without breaking your bank, try filling her Easter Basket with the body and spa items or cosmetics she loves. A bubble bath in her favorite scent would be nice, paired with some fragrant bath salts. Grab a few of her favorite inexpensive cosmetics (a new lipstick or nail polish) in the new Spring shades to tuck into fun-colored Easter eggs.

Sugar Free Easter Eggs

Is she a reader? Add a book written by her favorite author. Don’t forget a few votive candles to soften the ambiance of her bathroom. Really want to help her relax during her rest? How about adding a Jello-O shot in the guise of an egg? Oh Happy Day has great DIY instructions on how to make them. You can go the extra step and dye the egg (just don’t confuse it with the children’s eggs when you’re done).

Reall happy jell-o-shot eggs

Place her gifts in a whimsical basket — it doesn’t even have to be an Easter basket, but one she may be able to use year-round. It will be a happy reminder of her special pampering session (and your love and thoughtfulness) every time she sees it.

Easter Beauty basket filled with AVON

Present her gift and let her know how special she is to you. Oh, and don’t forget to give her an hour or so to herself. Happy Easter!

Mom's Me Time

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