Simple Ways to Get Started with Your Avon Business

YES! YOU’RE IN BUSINESS! … So, what comes next? In order to achieve the success you both desire and deserve, you need to first understand that this is a business. As you’ll often hear me say, “You are the captain of your very own ship.” The amount of time and effort that you put into your business will directly correlate with the amount of success you can expect.



NEVER FORGET WHY YOU STARTED YOUR OWN BUSINESS. In in order for you to succeed you’re going to have to work at it. There will be nobody pushing you — it’s easy to get side-tracked. Keep your dreams alive by putting your goals and dreams somewhere you’ll see them every day.


OPEN A SEPARATE, PERSONAL ACCOUNT FOR YOUR AVON. Don’t mix your Avon business money with your personal accounts. You don’t want to give Kroger the money you should be using to pay for your Avon products. Also if you allow others access, they may inadvertently spend money that you have earmarked as business expense.



WHO IS NUMBER ONE ON YOUR CUSTOMER LIST? YOU, OF COURSE! Change your buying habits; if you can buy it from yourself, then by all means, go ahead and do it. The more of your own products you use, the better recommendations you’ll have for your customers. And, you needn’t only buy for yourself and your family. Think of upcoming birthdays, holidays, and any occasion where you can purchase your own Avon products to share as gifts. Think FROGS

  •  FRIENDS (both local and long distance).
  •  RELATIVES (both local and long distance).
  •  ORGANIZATIONS (schools, teams, clubs, church groups, etc.)
  •  GEOGRAPHIC OPPORTUNITIES. Acquaintances you meet on a regular basis (hairdresser, receptionists, cashiers, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.) Think about where you go in your normal routine and write it down, you don’t have to know their name, only who they are.
  •  SOCIAL MEDIA (everyone you follow and everyone who follows you)



KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! The more knowledgeable you are, the better prepared you’ll be. Avon provides world-class training via AVON University at Many of the questions you have will be answered if you invest the time and educated yourself. Being the CEO of your own business requires fortitude and self-reliance.

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