But it Was on Sale: Surviving the Tragedy of NBR

Non-buyers remorse, known in retail therapy circles as NBR, is that cruel condition wherein the consumer experiences intense regret for failing to finalize the purchase of a much desired item. Regardless of the precautions we take, it happens to even the best of us. When it strikes, the results can be devastating.

Symptoms can include hand-wringing, lip-biting, and general agitation, including weeping, as well as feelings of humiliation, shock, and even despair. Though rare, in severe cases, one may experience heart palpitations and even night sweats.


I first heard of this dreaded condition while I was on a trip to the mall with my mom the summer of my Freshman year in high school. We were on the hunt for my “back to school” wardrobe. We’d come across an incredibly stylish pair of tasseled leather Cole Haans slides that I would have slapped a stranger to get my hands on. But after looking at the price tag, I cautioned my mother that, alas, they were really too expensive. Although reluctant, I was going to pass on the purchase. My mother gasped and clutched her Double-F Fendi bag to her chest. “The only thing worse than buyer’s remorse, my dear, is non-buyers remorse.”

She went on the explain that, while it’s impossible to turn back time and grab the item when you really need it, it’s always possible to return the purchase if you get it home and decide “What the hell was I thinking?” Well, at least for thirty days (with receipt). Needless to say, we bought the shoes. And, I’m actually pleased to report that, several re-solings later, l still have them.


10 thoughts on “But it Was on Sale: Surviving the Tragedy of NBR

  1. Haha I love this, I’m currently struggling with a battle over a pair of shoes which on one hand I know I probably shouldn’t buy, but at the same time I absolutely love them – and when my friend at work comes in wearing them it makes it hard just to not pin her down and steal them off her feet! You might have just convinced me to go for it! X


    • Wait Rachel, I hope I haven’t convinced you to pin down your friend and take her shoes! I want to go on record as saying that I retain the right to refuse any liability should this turn into the Great Shoe Scandal of 2015. However, if I’ve convinced you to buy those amazing shoes for which you are longing, I give a hearty and resounding YEA! ❤

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