Retro is so Nowtro

Are you ready to raid your mom’s closet for all of the fabulous fashions of yesteryear? According to fashion industry leaders fresh from the runways of Fashion Week around the globe, the 70s are the new 90s. Even suede and flare jeans are making a comeback. Wha’? Don’t panic, Ladies. Of course, with today’s fabulous designers adding their own modern twist, you can look forward to fashion saying 70s! with more a little more subtlety and a lot more style.

After combing through hundreds of swanky new trends, I’ve paired down the best of the best to the find the most truly wearable fashions of the day. So, kick off your brand new pair of roller skates, grab a Tab, and relax. Here goes.

The subtler side of 70s chic as offered by Etro. Easy breezy meets the tailored and accessorized denim jacket. Oh yes, don your denim, click on the lava lamps and disco all night long. You know, do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight. KC and the Sunshine band are calling!

Etro retro
Etro retro fab.

Bulky boyfriend jackets are out, retro-form-fitted blazers are on! Lots of designer houses pumped out the pantsuits, but Ms. Beckham managed to make her ultra-fit suit retain a feminine flair. The new power suit gets its punch from sleek lines and your Pop Rocks effervescent attitude.

Victoria Beckham
Bold & Beautiful in Victoria Beckham

So, are you noticing a neckline trend here? That’s right, Folks. If you’re tired of well-intentioned lil’ old ladies tossing modesty buttons at you and your girls, you’re in for a treat: high necklines are on the leading edge of now. But don’t worry about keeping the cleavage corralled because flirty shoulder cut-outs and saucy little side slits are the new plunging necklines.

Dainty as a Daisy in Dior
Dainty as a Daisy in Dior

Of course, Black & White, which is never out of fashion, will be seen crossing categories this Spring in bold prints, stripes, and gingham. Gingham? Who wants to look like Laura Ingalls, for Pete’s sake? (That would be of Little House on the Prairie fame, for those who are too young to be hip to iconic seventies series.) Does this foxy chick look like she’ll be tossin’ grain the hens any time soon?

Bitchen B & W in Oscar de la Renta
Refined B & W in Oscar de la Renta

Nothing says I Groove the 70s quite like funky-town fringe… except maybe a disco ball, and who really wants to look like a hot-bedazzled-mess these days?  No, fringe was the hottest movement on the scene from Manhattan to Milan, Darling. Anything and everything from blouses, belts, and bags to skirts, shirts, and shoes, sported this flirty new trend. Thank God! Because every woman can sashay in style this coming season.

Swinging with Christian Siriano
Swinging with Christian Siriano

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