Corporate Philanthropy


If there’s one thing the beauty industry loves more than pretty products, it’s transforming them into charity. Corporate philanthropy is an integral part of most big companies, and for a good reason: do-gooding burnishes a brand’s image while simultaneously helping people around the globe.


Avon is one of the world’s largest corporate sponsors of breast cancer awareness. As part of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, the Avon Foundation for Women provides funding to breast cancer programs operating in three areas: scientific research, safety net access-to-care programs for the medically underserved, and outreach programs focused on education and screening.


Recently, the Avon Foundation decided to help bring the issue of Domestic and Gender Violence out of the shadows, launching Speak Out Against Domestic Violence through it’s mark. brand. Speak Out is an initiative to build awareness, educate, and improve prevention and direct service programs. Through the end of 2013, in the U.S. alone, they have provided nearly $38 million for the domestic violence cause.

– Learn more about the Avon Foundation at

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