Overheard at The Home Clan Allen Builds…

Micki: That’s because we live in a cul-de-sac.
Glynnis: I really hate that word.
M: Why? Because it’s French?
G: Because it’s ugly. “Sack” just ugh. What does it even mean? Why don’t we have an English word for the same thing?
M: I don’t know. Because cul-de-sac works, I guess.
G: Google translates it as “ass of bag.”
M: Now, *that* is ugly.
G: I guess no one wants to admit they live in the ass of a bag.
M: It does make sense. When you get to the ass end of a bag, you’ve nowhere else to go.
G: I’d rather just say we live at a dead end.
M: Well then. The dilemma is solved.

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