Which Samples are Your Best Investment?

Samples are a very important component of your Avon business because they are really effective for building customer loyalty. It makes your current customers feel special and WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE? People love free stuff! There are so many options Avon gives us as far as samples go; but it can be costly if we don’t do our research and get the best bang for our buck. I like to buy samples that are plentiful, economical, and are sure to win repeat customers.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I always staple or paperclip them to their invoice. Dropping samples at the bottom of a bag (like the picture above) is NOT effective. If offering a vial fragrance sample, I put it in a little treat bag with a business card, a piece of candy or a small bag of nuts, and a “Just for You!” sticker stapled to the invoice, which implies it’s a free gift just for her!

My favorite samples to buy are:

The Fragrance Strip Boxes ($4.00 for a box of 100) Best Value!

Lipstick Bullets ($1.75 for a pack of 10)

Foundations ($1.50 for a box of 10)(one shade each box)

Fragrances ($1 for a box of 10 liquitouch samples)

The samples I love most are the fragrance boxes. They’re very easy to manage in your bag or car, and they’re easy take to job fairs and events. Also they’re small so you can easily stick them in books or staple them to your business cards. I only purchase the more expensive vial (spray) samples to offer customers who place orders of $35 or more. And, I get them when Avon offers a “Buy 3, Get one Free” sale on samples.

Everyone enjoys getting lipstick bullets. Everyone! These are a time-honored tradition with Avon and everyone remembers them from their childhood. Just take note that if the same customer requests the same color over and over, she’s probably using the bullets instead of making the purchase. Don’t fall for that old trick. It’s very rare, but I’ve seen it happen.

Foundation samples are important, especially for new customers who aren’t familiar with Avon’s color offerings. The important thing to note about the foundation boxes, is you have to buy one of each shade. But, it’s still a good value because samples are a must as customers want to know which shade is best for them.

I love skin care samples… but they can be quite expensive. The good news is that when the sample encourages a sale, it comes with big commissions because they’re AVON branded products (at full commission earnings).  Skin care samples are a wise investment if you sell a lot of skin care or at the initial launch of a new line. Skin care customers typically replenish their stock every three months, so selling skin care is a MUST for a successful Avon business. See what your customers are buying and purchase your samples accordingly.

I do usually take advantage of the What’s New (demo planner) Sample Bundles that offer a lot of different samples for one low price, especially when they come with samples for a brand new launch product.

When you’re just starting out as a new representative, I recommend that you stick to the fragrance strip boxes and put the samples with all your orders. Don’t go crazy and overstock on samples! Make some profit selling first, then go ahead and buy more samples as an investment in your business.

Make sure to start off investing small, then as your customer base grows, so should your sample investment.

Happy Sampling!