The AVON brochure is your STORE. If you run out of brochures, you’ve effectively locked the front door to your business. I recommend starting with 3 packs (30 brochures) and then adding a pack (10 brochures) each or every other campaign as you build your customer base. The more brochures you get into the hands of potential customers, the more people you will have shopping your Avon store.

Experience has shown that over time, I average one new customer for every ten brochures I share. It’s the same 10 to 1 rule you’ll find in retail stores. A stand-alone store usually has ten customers “window shop” for every one customer who actually makes a purchase. So …

How many customers do you want?

I label my brochures and keep a box of 60 in the car with me at all times. I practice The Power of Three daily. I keep three brochures in my purse to share as I run errands; I leave at least three brochures everywhere I go; and I make it a point to find at least three new prospective customers, offering them “a FREE brochure” and placing the brochure in their hands while asking for contact information (a cell number for a reminder text or an email address for a reminder notice). You’ll find that most people are willing to share at least one form of contact. If they aren’t willing to offer their information, be polite and point out that your contact information is on the back of their brochure if they find something they can’t live without. If you get their information, FOLLOW UP with them. The fortune lies within.


Order enough brochures to place at least one in every order each campaign and ten to prospect for new a new customer. Want 10 new customers? I recommend ordering 100 brochures. AVON Top Sellers typically order at least 300 brochures every campaign. Some actually order a thousand or more. Granted, these are people who are earning six-figure incomes. I order brochures by the case (60 brochures each) and I typically order at least 120 brochures each campaign. If I really like the cover, I’ll order 180 or more.

I also use a brochure mailing company to mail brochures every campaign to customers outside of my delivery area. My typical mailing is 35 brochures each campaign. Contact me for a referral.

Four times a year, I give each customer an extra brochure in their order bag. I do this in February, May, September, and November and always ask them to share the extra brochure with a friend, family member, neighbor, or co-worker. These are peek recruiting times.

Ordering Upcoming Brochures?

Remember that brochures come in packs of 10 and are always ordered two campaigns in advance.

EXAMPLE:  When you place an order for brochures in C11, Avon will ship to you the brochures for C13.

Use product # 055745 for English brochures and
#102934 for Spanish brochures.

Backordering Brochures?

Need extras for C12? Simply use the same product numbers, but backorder brochures from C10, using the dropdown box to the left of the product number box.

EXAMPLE: If you are placing your order in Campaign 12, but need extra C12 brochures, use the backorder option to get them from C10, then Avon will ship to you the brochures for C12. This is because brochures are, by default, sent plus two campaigns.