5 Powerful Benefits of Avon Sales Leadership

Enjoy financial freedom

Imagine what life would be like with unlimited earnings potential. Experience the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about for you and your family.

Empower others with the Avon Earning Opportunity

As a Sales Leader, you can enrich other people’s lives by sharing the Avon Opportunity.

Gain valuable professional skills

You’ll learn new business skills that will keep you knowledgeable and successful.

Exclusive business tools to support your business growth.

Be recognized and rewarded

You’ll be amply rewarded for your dedication as a Sales Leader. Many of Avon’s Sales Leaders have earned jewelry, vacations and additional bonuses through exclusive programs.

Activities of a Successful Sales Leader:

  1. Build your business and lead by practicing: Prospecting, Appointing, Training and Developing others (PATD).
  2. Maintain your personal sales and fulfill each campaign requirement to be eligible for Sales Leadership bonuses.
  3. Invest wisely by making sure you and your Downline have enough appointment materials, prospecting flyers, brochures and other selling tools.
  4. Show others how to do the same.